About TLL

I'm Mike Stuart.

I've been writing about hockey, and specifically the Tampa Bay Lightning, for almost four years.  My NHL-related works have been featured on NHL.com, CBSSports.com, Lightning.NHL.com, and various other media platforms.  In addition to my prior work at HockeyBuzz.com, which is where most readers know me from, I have been a Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report and the Founder at Between the Benches.

Writing Career Highlights:
  • Los Angeles Kings Blogger at Hendricks Hockey
  • Los Angeles Kings Writer at Sports Haze, The Media Company
  • Los Angeles Kings Featured Columnist at Bleacher Report
  • Founder, Tampa Bay Lightning Writer at Between the Benches
  • Tampa Bay Lightning Feature Writer at HockeyBuzz

As I prepare to start a new career outside the blogging world, I just don't know how much time I'll be able to dedicate to writing.  That's why I've created The Lightning Lounge.  It's a casual blog where I can write down thoughts when I have the time.  It won't always be about the Lightning, though they will undoubtedly be my main focus.  I'll probably talk about the Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, and Los Angeles Kings from time to time, too.  

Further, TLL will be a place where I can post things that aren't necessarily 'professional' quality.  There will be stories, anecdotes, random graphs, and thoughts.  This isn't meant to be a fancy blog.  I'm not trying to compete with HockeyBuzz, or Bleacher Report, or Raw Charge, or any other site out there.  I have no intention of magically turning TLL into a media empire.  This site is a simple 'Blogger' template and not much more than that.  It's just a spot for me to write.

I hope that you'll continue to read my work even if the site isn't as fancy as some of my other online homes, as I've truly appreciated your support over the past few years.

Feel free to contact me for any reason at mikestuarttll@gmail.com.