Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Opinion: Cashing in on Ryan McDonagh's Reputation Could Make Sense for Tampa Bay

As Raw Charge's @loserpoints eloquently points out, the Lightning paid a big price for Ryan McDonagh at the 2017 trade deadline, and need him to be a consistent presence to justify that price moving forward. The question this blogger has been wrestling with over the past number of weeks is whether it makes more sense for the Lightning to gamble on a McDonagh bounce back campaign or to cash in on his sterling reputation now by way of a trade. Having given it some measure of thought, I'm leaning more and more towards at least exploring the trade option to see if value can be derived there.

My reasoning for the aforementioned conclusion is essentially twofold:

1) The Lightning's *real* need is (and was at the time of the McDonagh acquisition, for that matter) on the right side of the blue line; and
2) The trendline in McDonagh's past performance suggests that his reputation might provide the Lightning with more value than any expected future results